Class Rules

Constitution of the Laser Stratos Class Association

The full title of the Class Association shall be the Laser Stratos Class Association (herein after known as "the Class Association") 

The objects of the Class Association are:
A) To enhance the enjoyment of Laser Stratos sailing boats;
B) To promote and develop the activities of Laser Stratos sailing;
C) To maintain the Laser Stratos as a strict one design class of sailboats;
D) To generally encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting and recreation aspects of sailing. 

1. Jurisdiction, Organisation, Class Association Committee 

1.1 The Class Association shall have the sole and only authority over any matter of any nature affecting the activities of Laser Stratos sailing and its powers shall be vested in and carried out by the elected officers of the Class Association as provided in this constitution and by Laws, but subject to and in accordance with the General Rules and By-Laws of ISAF.

1.2 The Class Association shall be managed by a committee comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Sailing Secretary and Chief Measurer, a member of the Advisory Council and if appointed, The Executive Secretary.

1.3 The committee shall be elected by a ballot of the Class Association members at the AGM of the Class Association.

1.4 Officers of the committee may initially be appointed by the Advisory Council but may only serve until the AGM when they shall then stand for election by the membership.

1.5 The Committee may appoint other members to the committee to perform other duties determined by the committee but such appointed members may only serve on the committee until the AGM when they shall then stand for election to the Committee as per 1.3 above.

1.6 Only Full Members of the Class Association shall be entitled to be a member of the Class Association committee.

1.7 The Committee shall meet from time to time at the request of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman and in any case not less than once every twelve months at a venue to be agreed by the Chairman.
No meeting shall be valid unless a quorum shall be present and at least 14 days written notice of the meeting and the business to be conducted shall have been given to all the members of the committee.

1.8 One third of the elected members of the committee shall form a quorum.

1.9 All decisions shall be reached by a majority of votes of those present eligible to vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of there being no majority.

1.10 Only elected members of the committee and any member nominated by the Advisory Council, the Executive Secretary (if appointed) and the Advisory Council representative shall vote and there shall be only one vote per member eligible to vote.

1.11 Minutes of all meetings of the committee shall be produced and circulated to the members of the Class Association.

1.12 An AGM shall be held once every twelve months (or as close to twelve months as reasonably possible) Notice of the AGM must be given to all members in writing not less than 28 days prior to the date of the meeting and such notice must contain the venue and time of the meeting and all matters to be discussed.
The AGM shall:
a) approve the decisions made by the Class Association committee since the previous AGM;
b) approve the financial statements of the Class Association;
c) hold an election to appoint members to the Class Association committee;
d) review and approve any plans presented by the Class Association committee;
e) deal with any other matters that relate to the Class Association as required by either the members or the committee. 

2. Executive Secretary 

2.1 The Executive Secretary of the Class Association shall be appointed by the Class Association committee and hold office for such terms and upon such conditions as the Class Association committee shall decide. He/she shall be responsible for the management of all business of the Class Association subject to and in accordance with the Constitution and the direction of the Class Association Committee and including: 
a) Liaison between the Class Association the RYA, ISAF and all other yachting authorities;
b) The co-ordination of all Class Association activities;
c) Liaise between the members; fleets and the Chief Measurer;
d) Organisation of championships;
e) General advice and assistance to the Class Association members. 
If no Executive Secretary is employed then these responsibilities shall be undertaken by a designated member(s) of the Class Association Committee. 

3 Chief Measurer 

3.1 The Chief Measurer shall be a Full Member of the Class Association appointed by the elected members of the Class Association Committee. He shall hold office for such term and upon such conditions, as the Class Association Committee shall decide. The Chief Measurer shall rule on all questions and challenges relating to the Class Measurement Rules and shall issue interpretations thereof deemed necessary by him. All such interpretations shall be binding until approved, rejected or modified by a decision of the Class Association Committee, duly published to members of the Class Association. 

4 Advisory Council 

4.1 One person nominated by the Licensed Builder shall constitute the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council shall assist and co-operate with the Class Association Committee in carrying out their responsibilities. 

5 Membership and Voting Rights 

5.1 The following classes of membership shall be recognised.
a) Full Membership
b) Associate Membership 

5.2 Full Membership of the Class Association shall be open to any owner of a Laser Stratos or joint owners. In the case of a Laser Stratos owned by an organisation to a nominated representative of that organization. 

5.3 Associate membership shall be open to any joint owner of a Laser Stratos not being a Full member or to any individuals or organisation interested in the Laser Stratos. 

5.4 Both full and associate Members shall be bound by this constitution. 

5.6 Each full member shall be entitled to one vote at the General Meeting of the Class Association. Associate members shall be entitled to attend and speak at a General Meeting but shall not be entitled to vote. 

6. Suspension of Membership 

6.1 A Member of the Class Association may be suspended by the Class Association committee for gross violation of the Constitution and by-laws, for committing an unlawful act in relation to the Class Association or one of its members or any conduct contrary to the interests of the Class Association. The duration of the suspension shall be fixed by the Class Association committee but may not exceed two years and a suspended member shall during such period be precluding from racing and enjoying any other rights of membership. 

7 Appeals to the Class Association Committee.

7.1 Any dispute arising in relation to eligibility to race, the interpretation for this Constitution and By-Laws or similar matter, other than any dispute as to the interpretation of the RRS or any protest within the jurisdiction of a race committee, may be referred together with all relevant facts to the Class Association committee whose decision shall be final and binding. 

8 By-Laws 

8.1 The Class Association committee may make By-Laws for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this constitution. 

9 Amendments to this Constitution 

This constitution shall only be amended by the Class Association committee where at least two thirds of the Class Association members eligible to vote have approved the proposed amendment at a General Meeting Providing not less than fourteen days notice of such a proposed amendment has been given in each case AND the Advisory Council have approved the proposed amendment. 

Class Measurement Rules

Bye-Law 1 


The Laser Stratos was created as a strict one-design dinghy where the true test when raced is between crews and not boats and equipment. The fundamental objective of the Laser Stratos Class Rules ("The Rules") is to ensure the strict one design concept is maintained. 

The English text of the Rules shall govern. 

1.Fundamental Rules 

1.1 The Laser Stratos shall be raced only with hull, mast, boom, bowsprit, sails, battens, centreboard, rudder system, tiller, fittings, equipment, standing rigging and running rigging conforming to these rules

1.2 No additions alterations or repairs may be made to any part of the boat including the hull, mast, boom, bowsprit, sails, battens, centreboard, rudder system, tiller, fittings, standing rigging or running rigging supplied by a licensed Builder except when such an addition, alteration or repair is specifically authorised by these Rules.

1.3 Replacement of the hull, mast, boom, bowsprit, sails, battens, centreboard, rudder system, tiller, fittings, equipment (including location) standing rigging and running rigging shall only be from parts supplied by a licensed Builder unless such replacement from another supplier is specifically authorised by these Rules

1.4 Where replacement alteration or repairs are authorised by these rules, these shall be carried out using materials of construction and in a manner that gives no weight or other advantage. 

2. Definition of Builders and Hull identification. 

2.1 The builders of the Laser Stratos shall be only those licensed by
Phil Morrison.

2.2 Each Laser Stratos shall have a builder's Hull identification plaque incorporating the boat sail number fixed in the rear or the cockpit. 

3. Permitted Placements, Additions, Alterations and Repairs. 

3.1 The following may be replaced by any of similar function, but of a different type, size and from any supplier:
a) Tiller extension and universal joint; 

3.2 the following may be replaced by any of similar type, size and function, but from any supplier:
a) Cam Cleats
b) Blocks
c) Mainsheet swivel base
d) Running rigging, with any of different length and diameter. Aramid and high modulus fibres are permitted except for the mainsheet. All lines must be of a uniform diameter
e) Standing rigging of the same diameter and length as that supplied by the licensed Builder [see diagram in Appendix 1]. 

3.3 The following additions and alterations are permitted and may include parts, which can be obtained from any supplier:
a) Non slip material (Maximum thickness 5 millimetres) may be added anywhere on the decks.
b) The use of flexible adhesive tape and shockcord to prevent snagging of sails, sheets and lines is unrestricted but shall not modify the effective sheeting of any sail nor the intended purpose or action of any equipment.
c) Additional purchase may be incorporated into the mainsheet system using the existing sheet attachment points; extra blocks may be used to facilitate these additional purchases.
d) One compass may be fitted
e) Calibration marks of any kind are permitted
f) Any design of mechanical wind indication devise is permitted
g) Wedges may be fitted under cleats
h) A towing rope may be attached.
i) Any additional equipment required for safety purposes may be fitted or carried provided it is not used in contravention of these rules
j) Clips, ties or bags to secure safety or other equipment are permitted
k) Tell-tales may be attached to any part of the mainsail. 

3.4 Repairs and preventative maintenance to hull, mast, boom, bowsprit, centreboard, rudder system, tiller, fittings and equipment, standing rigging and running rigging may be carried out without violation of these Rules provided such repairs are made in such a way that the essential shape and characteristics or function or performance of the original are not effected. 

3.5 Preventative maintenance shall include the replacement of fastenings with alternatives providing that the equipment is replaced in the original position and in accordance with these Rules where relevant 

3.6 Sanding and refinishing is only permitted for the purposes of repairs. Cleaning is permitted with non-abrasive detergents only. Waxing is permitted with non-abrasive waxes only. 

4. Measurements 

4.1 The Laser Stratos shall conform to these Rules. All equipment shall be carried in the position as supplied by the builder. In the case of a measurement dispute not explicitly covered by these rules, the procedure set out in paragraph 4.2 shall be adopted. 

4.2 A sample of 5 sailboats or, if appropriate a sample of 5 items, not the subject of the measurement dispute shall be taken and measured using identical techniques. The dimensions of the disputed sailboat or item shall be compared to the measurements taken from the sample and if the sailboat or item is outside the maximum or minimum dimensions obtained from the sample. The matter together with details of the measurement methods and any other relevant information shall be referred to the Chief Measurer of the Class Association whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties. 

4.3 in the event of a dispute alleging non-compliance with these Rules, the matter, together with any relevant information shall be referred to the Chief Measurer of the Class Association whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties. 

5. Sailing Requirements

The laser Stratos and Laser Stratos Keel shall race as separate classes. 

5.1 The Laser Stratos shall be raced with a minimum of 2 persons onboard. In a series of races the number of crew shall remain the same for that series. 

5.2 No person is permitted to race a Laser Stratos in any Class Association sanctioned event unless the owner or a joint owner, or a nominated representative of an organisation owning the Laser Stratos is a current Full Member or Associate Member of the Class Association. 

5.3 Only one mainsail, one jib, one spinnaker, one mast, one boom, one bowsprit, one centreboard and one rudder blade shall be used for each series or races. If any of these is damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired in time before the start of the next race in the series then a replacement may be used but only when the measurer for the series or if no measurer, then the Principal Race Officer has been notified and has approved the need for such replacement, such approval to be written. 

5.4 Whilst racing the Laser Stratos it shall be rigged in accordance with normal practice. A trapeze shall not be used 

5.5 Sail numbers shall be displayed on the mainsail in the top third of the sail with those on the port side below those on the starboard side of the sail. 

6. Racing Rules of Sailing. 

6.1 The Class Association may prescribe rules and restriction to Racing of Sailing 18 " Advertising and Event Categories" 

7. Amendments 

7.1 Amendments to these Rules shall be approved by each of: 
A) The Class Association committee
B) The Advisory Council
C) At least two thirds of the membership replying in writing to the Class Association in response to a postal vote published by the Class Association. Only those postal votes returned within one month from the date of publication of the rule changes shall be valid.


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